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Huawei DN360T TalkTalk youview box

I received the free youview box this morning.


Not very impressed:


There is no proper manual and no product specification.


The box has two USB ports.  None seem to work.  Perhaps someone can explain the purpose of these USB ports.


Disappointing that TalkTalk has not enclosed any antenna cable to pass antenna signal from the Huawei DN360T to TV.


I have concluded the box received is faulty in that the antenna signal is not passed through from the box to the TV.  I tried this with a good cable, with the box powered up and power disconnected.


Looks like this box will end up at the recycling centre.


TalkTalk may collect the box if they so wish.


I have no intention of paying return postage.


Thanks for reading.





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Re: Huawei DN360T TalkTalk youview box

Hi tolsen


The USB ports have the basic function of powering USB devices (chargers etc) and allow engineers to carry out software updates.


There should be a basic manual supplied, there does not appear to be an online version for the DN360T but specs can be found here YouView Specification


You should have received an aerial fly lead with your box What's in my TalkTalk YouView Box?


The RF loop through is disabled by default. How do I change my RF loop through settings on my YouView Box?





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Re: Huawei DN360T TalkTalk youview box



hopefully bestmanx3 has answered your query fully.


If you require any further assistance, please let us know.



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Re: Huawei DN360T TalkTalk youview box

The only RF cable that is supplied with the box is a male-male cable, intended for connecting from a wall outlet aerial to the rf input on the youview box.


To feed RF through you will need a male-female rf cable to connect from the youview RF out to the TV input.

Most old video recorders came with one of these leads, many people have a few from old equipment.


You also need to enable "RF Loopthrough" in "settings", "Device Management", accessible from the blue "Y" button.


Note:- When operating the DN360T in "high ECO" mode, RF loop-through becomes disabled when in standby (after 6 minutes). That is, after going into standby, the box goes into "deep sleep" after 6 minutes, during which "RF loopthrough" is disabled, this will result in your TV no longer getting an aerial signal.


A better solution may be to use an aerial splitter to feed the Youview box and the TV separately, this will require a strong signal. Alternatively use a dual outlet amplifier/booster, but sometimes these can introduce problems.

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Re: Huawei DN360T TalkTalk youview box

Perhaps Talkttalk should re-consider the contents of the box.  Anyone receiving the box will already have a male/male coax and a male/female is a more suitable inclusion; especially as the box cannot record and there are smart TV sets that can.


I ended up cuting and replacing one end of the supplied cable.  The box has no problem being fed via the loopthrough of my Alien 3, even when the Alien is in sleep mode and no pre-amp is applied to the pass out socket.

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Re: Huawei DN360T TalkTalk YouView box