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FREE trial, is not so free after all!



So I got the email and postal letter about the 1 month free trial for the entertainment boost or TalkTalk's "Christmas gift" to it's customers.


I went online to signup to it via My Account, and at the time you had problems with that section of the website. I tried again the next day and it still was not working so I thought I would try and use your Live Chat feature to see when it would be fixed.


I was told that they would add the free trial for me via live chat, so that was all sorted I thought. This is the transscript from the chat:



Harshit d: Hi, thank you for contacting TalkTalk today, can I please start by taking your full name and home telephone number?
You: I am trying to add the 1 free month tv boost to my account but it gives me an error when I try to do it. When will this be fixed?
Harshit d: I apologise for the inconvenience you are facing. I will take care of the issue and make sure issue gets resolved.
Harshit d: Did you received an email about that free entertainment boost?
Harshit d: Just wanted to check you are there and ready to chat with me.
You: Hi, Yes I got the email, I just tried to signup to it but when I confirm it it sends me to an error page
You: It also happened yesterday
Harshit d: Okay please allow me a minute while I check where the problem is.
Harshit d: Okay I will add it from my side.
Harshit d: You got an email for entertainment boost right?
You: Thanks, so it's definatly the 1 month free trial for entertainment boost? I can cancel it at any time and won't be charged?
Harshit d: Yes but only for 1 month you will not be charged.
You: ok thanks, please do it
Harshit d: Sure I have done that.
Harshit d: Is there anything else I may assist you with?
You: No thank you, thanks for your help
Harshit d: Thank you for contacting TalkTalk today. Have a pleasant day.


Excellent, within two hours I had all those new entertainment channels. So the entertainment boost technically started on the 17th of December.


That's where the good part ends..


Today I got the email telling me my new bill has arrived, and it appears I am not only being charged for a portion of this month but I am also being charged for next month also! 


So there is £12.63 that I am being charged for when I was told I am getting a free trial, I even confirmed it to make sure due to a forum post I saw on here where someone else also stated they were being charged for it.


Some free Christmas gift this is..


Here is a screenshot of my latest bill so others can see it:


Either your billing system does not work, or the person on the other end of the live chat works on commision and tried to do a sneaky signup.


I would like this sorted asap please.



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Re: FREE trial, is not so free after all!

i have also signed up for the entertainment boost free trial once i can view my bill ill tell you if ive also been charged


as if i have its a con simple as


i hope you get this sorted Smile

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Re: FREE trial, is not so free after all!



Thank you for your post. 


I have checked this and the advisor has added the standard boost, and not the promotional boost, which should have only been added through My Account,  I appreciate you where getting an error, The advisor should have either logged in using his admin access and replicated the problem you where having and logged a fault instead of adding it directly through our billing system this was the cause of the charge 


Please accept my apologies for the poor service you have received ,I can see that a credit for the charges has been raised and will show on your next bill.  I hope this has been resolved now.  


If you have any further questions please let me know. 




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Re: FREE trial, is not so free after all!

Ah I see...Naughty Harshit! 


I also emailed, and they said they have credited the amount to my next bill.


Thanks Arne